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Naruto The Official Character Data Book pdf

Naruto The Official Character Data Book pdf

Naruto The Official Character Data Book by Masashi Kishimoto

Naruto The Official Character Data Book

Download Naruto The Official Character Data Book

Naruto The Official Character Data Book Masashi Kishimoto ebook
Page: 360
ISBN: 9781421541259
Format: pdf
Publisher: VIZ Media LLC

While Naruto is off wandering the world, competitive players can revel in the most unbalanced online multiplayer fighting on Earth. Characters - Height & Weight (& Age/Birthday) The original Genin from Part 1 are listed at 16, and Neji's team are listed as 17 as they are a year older. Note: Going to Add more later cant at the moment because im busy now, you can comment people, and mods dont delete my extra reserved posts, i need them to post more of databook 3 when i get the chance, since i will need alot of Jincuuriki was a traveller and belonged to no village. A Panini confirmou que lançará nos próximos meses o Databook do mangá Naruto! Viz Manga has recently come out with the 3rd Databook completely ignoring the first two that came before it. Even in this chapter she stood out better than Sakura (until the end) even though she did not have a and leave bodies everywhere, it has been doing a good job of that so far. So far she has been over shadowed by more successful secondary female characters, Hinata for instances stood out as possibly one of the best female characters for what she feels and does towards Naruto. According to the Databook, Sasuke has Naruto beat in stats. Naruto: First Official Data Book (NARUTO―ナルト―[秘伝·臨の書]キャラクターオフィシャルデータBOOK, Naruto Hiden: Rin no Sho Kyarakutā Ofisharu Dēta Book, lit. NARUTO TopicBook Review: Naruto: The Official Character Data Book, Part 1 by Masashi Kishimoto - Seattle Post Intelligencer (blog) (blog)Book.

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